Everything is ready for your Spiritual Retreat

With the use of ancient disciplines and medicines

May 26-27, 2023



Entrance to the Holistic Center

19:30 in the afternoon

And time disappears, no one will be able to have watches or mobile phones except for emergencies.

Reception of the participants

Welcome talk Entering these experiences of consciousness in total calm frees us from the fears of the mind, thus being able to have a clean experience and fill it with information that we can understand and use.

OPTIONAL kambô workshop 60$

arrive at 05:00 p.m. if you do kambo

Cleansing the body is essential to participate in this ceremony, each participant will be applied 6 points of this powerful medicine to cleanse the lymphatic system

Ayahuasca Ceremony

We accompany you in these beautiful ceremonies, we guide you and we are with you at all times so that your work is carried out from the tranquility of the participants, but it is you who have to walk the path in that inner knowledge.

Use of Yopo in the Ceremony

In the Ayahuasca Ceremony we will also use Yopo as a purgative for thoughts and all the toxins that do not allow us to enter the Ayahuasca experience.



Beginning 10:30 in the morning


The participants of the Retreat will have a juice for breakfast to have the body clean and prepared for the experience.

Meditation and Breathing

Before the Ceremony we will do some work with our breathing and meditation, in order to focus all our energy on the experience, the creative mind will work in our favor to enhance all its capacity in what we intend to change.

Bufo Alvarius Ceremony

We will celebrate that connection with the Divine through the powerful Medicine of Bufo Alvarius.

the group in connection with all will support us to have a transforming experience with songs and the force of group consciousness.

vegan food Our beautiful

cooks will prepare a delicious vegan meal so as not to lose that vibration that remains after such an important experience.

Departure from the Holistic

Center 3:00 p.m.


cover contribution


Continuous communication with specialized therapists

As of January 2023 we will open our monitoring service for anyone who needs it, this service will be completely free and will have a team of specialists in the integration of experiences in daily life.

Food, Disciplines, Change Routines, Online Workshops, Online Talks and Conferences, Courses, etc.

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