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Afinando el Alma Costa Rica

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This Holistic Center created with the love of each of the people who shared our Center in Spain, of their contributions to be able to have a house of Medicine in this country... Thank you Thank you and infinite thanks


Surroundings of the Holistic Center

The strategic point of the Holistic Center allows us to have the most beautiful places 5 minutes away, large houses, lush mountains with incredible views and the best beaches in the Caribbean, all the places can be done by bike and TuK Tuk for the laziest.

Hospedate en el Centro Holistico 

Puerto Viejo Limon Costa Rica

Holistic Center afinando el alma

Price for 1 night       75€ 80$ 42.000colones

Price for 2 nights    120€ 130$ 67.000colones

Price for 3 nights    165€ 180$ 92000colones

Price for 15 nights   690€ 745$ 370.000colones

Price for 30 nights or more   990€ 1060$ 535.000colones

Rent of Complete Center for   490€ 530$ or 265000  per day only from 3 days.

Room with 2 or 3 beds and private service./Large Shared Kitchen and Lounge with Common Cinema projector Wi-Fi network throughout the Center /Drinking Water/Rental Scooter/Yoga Room or

A Place of Peace and Connection to the Earth.

The Holistic Center Refining the Soul of Costa Rica is a place to find the silence that we lose along the way, it is a place of rest, of connection with the earth and with people of high vibration, we reserve the right to expel people who do not respect the rules of coexistence. We only accept truly conscious people with good vibes who have the ability to share their wisdom and listen to that of others.


The Holistic Center Tuning the Soul Costa Rica only accepts people with a high level of consciousness and in vibration with the Ancient Therapies and Medicines to reach other levels of consciousness.

It is a Vegetarian Center in which Alcohol, Marijuana, and other drugs that are not for personal and spiritual growth are not welcome because of their different contrast with our philosophy of life.

Thank you for your understanding

be in tune with nature, we have some logical rules but we necessarily have to communicate to future guests.

Smoking is not allowed in the entire Holistic Center, only outside of it.
You can't play music independently.

The kitchen is open from 07:00 to 20:00.
You can enter at any time, always in silence and with respect.

You can use the room to practice any discipline from 07:00 to 20:00 with pen feet and awareness.
From 20:00 people rest, stay quiet.
You can't bring anyone to the Holistic Center.
Friends or family are not allowed.
The capacity is 15 beds available in 6 Rooms
The cleaning services go on a daily basis, pick up the belongings.
We have 6 rooms, 4 of them with bathrooms, 2 with bathrooms.
A table and kitchen for 15 people
Unlimited Wi-Fi

Our Holistic Center in Spain