Retreats with the use of ancient disciplines and medicines

Basic and important rules of the Holistic Center

Arriving at the scheduled time, neither before nor after, arriving before makes us stumble and not prepare the retreat well. Arriving later interrupts the schedule.

These experiences are better to live alone, bring friends, partners or lovers, they will condition you in your experiences and the learning will not be correct, get out of your comfort zone and walk alone in this.

Not following the nutritional recommendations only makes you deceive yourself, if you want to create a change, start by respecting yourself and having the will at least for this. don't waste money

for the transformation of the human being as an extraordinary being

Everything is ready for your Spiritual Retreat

With the use of ancient disciplines and medicines

Our Work

We travel to the most remote places of the planet in search of the many therapies, medicinal plants and masters and above all disciplines to recover physical, psychological and spiritual health.



Entrance to the Holistic Center


in the afternoon

And time disappears, no one will be able to have watches or mobile phones except in emergencies.

Reception of participants

Entering these experiences of consciousness in total calm frees us from the fears of the mind, thus being able to have a clean experience and fill it with information that we can understand and use.

Kambô workshop OPTIONAL $60

arrive at 17:00 if you do kambo

Cleansing the body is essential to be able to participate in this ceremony, each participant will be applied 6 points of this powerful medicine as a cleansing of the lymphatic system

Ayahuasca Ceremony

We accompany you in these beautiful Ceremonies, we guide you and we are with you at all times so that your work is carried out from the tranquility of the participants, but it is you who have to walk the path in that inner knowledge.

Use of Yopo in the Ceremony

In the Ayahuasca Ceremony we will also use Yopo as a purgative of thoughts and all the toxins that do not let us enter the Ayahuasca experience.



FROM 08:00

Integration Talk

Talking to the same group that we have had experiences helps us understand that unity is only in the ego, that we are all the same consciousness and come from the same source.


Breakfast studied and carefully prepared to continue with the work of the plant, no one can bring food to the holistic center, only what is offered here is eaten.

Rest and Time to Meditate

FROM  11.00


Beginning of the Ceremony

11:00 a.m.

Vision Ceremony, Sassafras or Shamadi

The ritual use of this medicine called VISIÒN, SASSAFRAS OR SHAMADI allows both the self-knowledge and the integration of the individual with his community, his culture and his environment.

In almost all the ancestral traditions of any continent there has been the phenomenon of shamanism and with it the use of sacred plants.

Meditation and Breathing Workshop

Within the experience with Shamadi or Vsion, we will carry out several breathing workshops to activate the internal DMT of the body in a natural way and thus enhance the altered states of consciousness gradually according to the participant.


San Pedro or Wachuma is becoming more and more widespread because it is one of the most adaptable medicines according to the participant's ability to receive information, always without pressure and in a subtle way.


We will test our ability to dissociate from pain in order to make space between the physical and emotional impulse and the true intelligence of the Self

Vegan Dinner & Integration Talk

Food is the first change we have to make in our lives if we really want to change something or get to feel other dimensions naturally, to be aware that our body, which is an antenna with an extremely incredible sensitivity, this will help us to manage and eat ourselves in a totally intelligent way.

Sacred Tobacco to close the Ceremony

The element of fire, air and water to close this beautiful ceremony with the sacred food of our ancestors.

Rest until Sunday

23:00 horas 

We retire to rest in the Ceremony room or room, the lights go out, the eyes and senses rest to be prepared and complete for Sunday.





10:30 AM


Retreat participants will have a juice for breakfast to keep their bodies clean and prepared for the experience

Meditation and Breathwork

Before the Ceremony we will do some work with our breath and meditation, in order to focus all our energy on the experience, the creative mind will work in our favor to enhance all its capacity in what we intend to change

 Bufo Alvarius

We will celebrate that Connection with the Divine through the powerful Medicine of the Bufo Alvarius. The group in Connection with Everyone will support us to have a transformative experience with chanting and the strength of group consciousness.


Our beautiful cooks will prepare a delicious vegan meal so as not to lose that vibration that we have after such an important experience

Departure from the Holistic Center

15:00 PM

Contribution €490

Do You Want to Participate in a Single Ceremony?
Ceremonies 2024

All the Ceremonies we are going to perform in Spain

Continuous communication with specialized therapists

From April 2024 we will open our follow-up service for anyone who needs it, this service will be completely free and will have a team of specialists in the integration of experiences into daily life.

Alimentacion, Disciplinas, Rutinas de Cambio, Talleres online, Charlas y Conferencias Online, Cursos etc

New stage

Change is already emerging and it is unstoppable, Communication between conscious and awakened people will be stronger than ever, our Holistic Center in Costa Rica will have a Virtual space in which we can grow together, a big family now more connected than ever


We are a unique Consciousness experiencing trillions of possibilities to learn what we are capable of being


All these ancient disciplines and medicines may contain teachings that are incomprehensible to the human mind, but extraordinary for the being that we inhabit inside, respect, preparation and awareness are essential to grow our level of consciousness.


Basic Information About the Ayahuasca Plant


Alimentacion y comportamientos del dia a dia. / Plantas Sagradas / La desprogramacion de la mente/Las Capacidades Escondidas/Telepatia y la Percepcion Sutil/La Cosmovision/Técnicas de activación del ADN para alcanzar todo nuestro potencial Pratyahara, el control de lo externo/Enfocando y calmando la mente Mantras/Vibra con el Universo/Alquimia Espiritual /Ángeles Espiritualidad oriental/Intención y co-creación/Maestros espirituales/Meditación para principiantes/Mindfulness/Espirituales/Religiones del mundo / Yoga fuera del mat/Sanación Alternativa/Apoyo Inmunitario/Ayurveda Cáncer/Tratamientos alternativos Sanación con sonido/Longevidad Nutrición/Medicina de las plantas/Respiración consciente/Técnicas de relajación Sanación pránica/La enefermedad y su raiz

Retreats in Costa Rica

Take the Retreat that will change your life in Costa Rica, with access to countless varieties of Ayahuasca and master plants