Who is Juan Diego Rodriguez?

Juan Diego Rodriguez Dorado is the Founder Together with his wife Daiva Kurgonaite of the Refining the Soul Holistic Center. Creator of the esikaro.com platform Creator of the Holistic Centers in Cox Alicante Spain and in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca Costa Rica.

Alchemist of plants and the disciplines for the elevation of the human being as an extraordinary being. A humble and faithful servant of people who want to know what is beyond the mind, the physical body, what is beyond everything established as official, real.

He is president of the Spanish Association of International Ancestral Medicines and disciplines for the elevation of the Being, created in 2019.

Juan Diego is a tireless seeker of disciplines and methods to transform the human mind and the physical body into the tool to reach the body. energetic, the latter without limits. Juan Diego tells us about the incredible capacity that the energetic body has to experience the miles of dimensions that are so close to us and that we cannot see with the common gaze.

Juan Diego is capable of stripping you of all beliefs accumulated during lives and opening your eyes in the first session, to bring you to the present and make you aware of the power that is in you, the power that is in each one of us.

Juan Diego accompanies you on the road so that you heal, wake up, transform, you just need to know how to listen and offer your dedication to the possibility that there are no limits.

Juan Diego Rodríguez and alchemy

Born in 1978, Alicante, Spain, in a family of 6 siblings, he being the youngest in the house and thereby obtaining freedom from family karmic burdens.

Educated with the knowledge and programming of hard work, of suffering as a currency of achievements and having to break with these limitations that parents, teachers and practically the entire culture that surrounded him educated you from affection and ignorance.

For more than 10 years his interest in plants and Ancestral Medicines made all his attention focus on learning and knowledge of Forbidden Medicine. 10 years focused on trying and experimenting with different plants from the most remote places on the planet, Peru, Mexico, Eastern Europe, and now Costa Rica, where he is active performing ceremonies with ancient disciplines and medicines.

Where he studies more than 500 different medicinal plants for the recovery of physical, psychological, emotional, mental and energetic health. Tireless traveler of experiences.

Juan Diego and Bufo Alvarius

This powerful tool is the one that forcefully awakened Juan Diego, there was a before and after, the speech of this Medicine as an illumination of at least 10 minutes in which everything changes afterwards.

Juan Diego speaks of this Ancient Medicine as the Medicine that will awaken the world, physical, emotional, energetic, psychological healing.

He began with a Mexican Master's degree in a hard journey in which his mind and physical strength were put to the test, he spent with the Community of Los It would be long enough in which he depersonalized, emptying his mind of all conditioning, leaving enough emptiness to acquire knowledge of the sun, infinite light, the maximum expression of light

I study the capacity that we have as extraordinary beings that we are, each and every one of us has that light, that mental clarity, we are all capable of acquiring that presence in the here and now.

Juan Diego and Ayahuasca.

Initiated with the main base of the Indigenous Community of the Shipibos, for its humility and delivery of the wisdom of this beautiful Millennial Medicine documented with more than 10,000 years of history.

Juan Diego respects the process and follows in the footsteps of his teachers without being able to avoid adapting the Ceremony to the Western need to put his personal part and lead the participants to a mental break in order to experience being in each experience in which he is the teacher.

It forces the individual to break with what is known to create the trauma and thus be able to free himself from the character, he will use the Ancient Medicines that he needs such as Yopo, Rapes, Xanga and even blows to the body to cause that transformation to the person who puts himself in his hands, he will never condition you with words, he will let you reach that absolute understanding of the cosmos, that worldview of the universe and ourselves, the hidden information that is in each of us, once you discover your truth it will be impossible that no one manipulates you.

Juan Diego plays instruments such as the Hand Pand, the Flute, guitar, melodic sounds with Gongs, Tibetan bowls, drums of different vibrations and Ikaros to guide you in the Ceremony so that you do not get lost in your mind.

Her favorite instrument for Ayahuasca Ceremonies is the shamanic mark, because it guides from her heart to your heart.

Juan Diego and Jacobo Grinberg

Fascinated by a similar opinion on the capacity and power of the mind and an affinity to everything published by the Scientist Jacobo Grinberg.

Juan Diego undertook a search trip through Mexico to find out everything related to the studies of Jacobo Grinber and Pachita, a renowned healer who healed with subjection, the power of the mind and the materialization of organs in which he was so fascinated.

Juan Diego who got to know the son of Pachita in Mexico DF, being able to see how he worked and study his disciplines, his work team, his healing and healing methods to be able to use in conjunction with the Medicines and Millennial Disciplines, as well as all the information about the power of food.

Juan Diego concludes that opening the mind to all the possibilities and methods of healing gives us the ability to heal everyone who really wants to heal regardless of their state of health and illness.

The mind is everything, with Jacobo he learned that it is the main tool in which we have to work and strengthen to transform our physical body, our world and the world in which we want to live.

Juan Diego has a tireless desire and curiosity to discover what capacities the human being has, physical, mental, psychological, energetic, emotional capacities, a person who through Meditation is capable of reaching that knowledge that is within him, to In order to get there, he used everything that the earth offered him, I took advantage of his circumstances to learn from each experience and make it his own, grow in each fall and take advantage of the inertia of the blow to study about gravity and all the lies that they wanted to impose on them.

Juan Diego will share everything he knows and was able to learn along this path if the purpose is to help raise the supreme consciousness, to create the change that we are all generating together.

Juan Diego Rodriguez el Dorado and his wife Daiva Kurgonaite make retreats around the world thanks to the collaboration and organization of people delivered to others to wake up and know their abilities as the influencer, model and actress Victoria Bonya with more than 10 million followers, with countless collaboration projects in Mexico, United States, Europe and Latin America.

Thanks to Victoria Bonya, Nadin Andre and the entire Manasa team for their unconditional dedication in bringing light to the conscience of others, without borders or conditions.

As of November 2022, Juan Diego is in the Holistic Center of Puerto Viejo de Talamana (Costa Rica).


Perform Bufo Alvarius Ceremonies every morning at 6:00 am The ceremonies are held on the beach, on the island of Coccles and in the waterfalls of the Bri Bri Community for their high energy and healing level.

He also travels regularly to Spain and Europe to carry out complete Retreats with all his Ancient Medicines. If you want to talk to him you can write him a whatsapp.


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